Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Lost Art of Play !

As a teacher in a kindergarten classroom I have heard it said by parents and fellow educators... Isn't what you are doing just babysitting and playing? I can't think of any other comment that makes me more angry! We have destroyed the love of learning for our early education classrooms by promoting strict educational guidelines to young exploring minds. We all learn in different ways. Note some of the particular learning methods that produce the highest retention rate:
Lecture: 5%
Reading: 10%
Demonstration: 30%
Practice by doing: 75%
It is pretty clear that we learn by practice and doing. Therefore, I believe that play is a child's work. Children learn by doing, whether it is learning math concepts in the block center, social skills in the home living or reading skills looking at books. 
Learning is an active process! Children learn by creating meaning from different experiences. They will learn best by trying to make sense of something on their own, as teachers we can be a guide to help them along the way!

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