Monday, April 11, 2011


1.                 Data – facts and information on the workings of the computer system
2.                  Understanding - seize the knowledge to explore and navigate through games and online books
3.                  Function -  using the computer and tech resources to enhance the learning experience: practice learned knowledge
4.                  Investigation -  compare and contrast facts through WWW, examine and investigate learned knowledge
5.                  Production -  produce results of work utilizing resources of the web
6.                  Assessment – to appraise the overall knowledge and utilization and support of the WWW producing products

            In working with children in the early childhood classroom I find that I have to tweak the experiences with technology somewhat to make the experience fun but educational. I firmly believe that play is a child's work, so in that experience of play I strive to develop children into life long learners. Because of this thought process and belief, I developed my tech-onomy to embrace the learning atmosphere of the children in my kindergarten classroom.
             The use of technology in my classroom is often the first experience some children have ever had with items such as a computer, so to embrace the use of it in my class I first need to teach the basic parts and simple function. As the child learns and develops more knowledge, I see them growing in the knowledge and understanding to accomplish tasks and duties. This then progresses further so that the child can produce and assess a variety of results.


  1. Suzie you are right in saying that a childs work is play and I like the way that you created your techonomy, very creative.

  2. Suzie - I agree like that you are teaching your students basic technological skills at an early age and that you believe they can do it! I believe that a child can handle as much as you let them, so the fact that you are giving your students this freedom is awesome!!

  3. Suzie, I like how you actually changed Bloom's terms and created your own. I did that as well. My favorite of yours is the assessment section as the top level. If the student can show their understanding by using and creating the product for an assessment, than the student has achieved understanding.

  4. Suzi,
    I like how you linked the tech-onomy to your classroom. Your right sometimes kidergarten is their first experience with a computer. I also like how you defined the levels. Very neat!

  5. I appreciate how you customized the bottom layer of your technology for our youngest technologists who do need the basics of form before they can explore function!

  6. Suzie
    I love the simplicity of your techonomy when you first view the pyramid but then how you have further details below. Sometimes we can bombard our youngest learners with too much "input." It's best to keep it simple yet focused on certain goals that are achievable for our youngest students.