Monday, April 11, 2011

Technology in the Early Ed classroom/Reflection

Through the courses needed to obtain my masters I have been challenged by two technology classes within the last two years. To say I have been stretched, extended and expanded is putting it gently. I have been asked to learn and grow in my knowledge of technology and how I can embrace it and use it in my classroom. I initially had the thought process, "I teach kindergarten, technology doesn't apply to me." Boy, have I learned a thing or two. Technology while most of us think of computers, is so much more. It is cameras in the classroom, tape recorders, smart boards, overheads and the list could go on some more.
I have learned that technology can be used to enhance my curriculum and experiences for the children in my class, but I do believe that first and foremost children in the early childhood classroom need real-life experiences. This can be done through situations and opportunities that are meaningful, relevant and interesting.
Technology is evolving rapidly, and it is not going away! These technologies that abound in the world today IS the reality of our children and students. Therefore as educators we must keep developmentally appropriate practices in the early childhood classroom, in mind as we incorporate technology into our classrooms.
As a reflection this assignment has once again stretched me beyond expected limits. I not too many days ago, whined and complained about this assignment, only to have to eat my words, because I have realized I love this "blogging" thing! I am excited and having fun and hope to incorporate it into my classroom as a way to share experiences with my students, their families and other educators.

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