Saturday, June 11, 2011

Math Stations Chapter 3: Getting Started! Getting Organized!

I must say that I have a lot of work to do! I have not used math stations as they are presented in this book, so I am excited about getting it all organized and ready to roll this summer! The new school year will be a fresh start!

My main focus will be on organizing, but... I do need to improve how I have exploration and modeling. I will focus on these areas a lot in those first few weeks of school. I really like the quote, "Assume nothing; model everything"p.49 So often we as teacher assume our students know what it is that we are talking about or what we want them to do.
Here are my goals in getting started:

1. Organize: I think this is first and foremost a must to make my math stations successful!

2. Develop a daily routine: Young children learn a lot through routine and repetition. This needs to be

3. Teach mini lessons before introducing a math station: this enables my students to understand exactly what their expectations are in the station. These mini lessons can be revisited again later once the stations is established.

4. Model: This is so important and key to the success of my stations as well as the success of my students.

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