Friday, June 10, 2011

~ ? Relevance ? ~

I went to a workshop this week and have been participating in a blog "party" which is basically teachers not confined to walls but around the states doing a book study and then sharing ideas via their blogs. Through these two events I have been reminded over and over again, I need to make my lessons relevant! One of the speakers at my workshop stated, " If we can't reach them, we can't teach them" Wow that is powerful! The image above reminds me of a student that isn't being reached. Does he look involved, engaged, excited? NO! We as educators need to have our students engaged in activity and movement, this requires hands on learning, talking among each other and as one of the speakers at my workshop said, "Organized Chaos" Is teaching having students sit at a desk and listen, read and write? This goes back to my original topic how is this making it relevant to the student? After recently graduating with my Masters Degree, I will never forget the words ringing in my ears as I paraded by one of my most respected professors... " Make it MEANINGFUL, Make it Meaningful"

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  1. relevant & interesting. I agree :)