Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer Learning!

I wasn't kidding when I said I was going to think about how to enhance my classroom this summer. I already have begun participating in a blog party. I along with other teachers are reading a book, pictured below and then discussing and sharing ideas on making our math curriculum the best it can be, and I will strive to make it meaningful and relevant to my students. One of the main areas that I am excited about is learning the many ideas and suggestions on differentiating my math stations for the varied learners I have in my class. I have experienced that in kindergarten this is so important. Some of my students may just be learning and introduced to a particular math concept where other students need to go 1 even 2 steps further to be challenged. Join with us or follow my blog to have some math fun this summer!

1.  Currently my differentiation is very poor. I basically have all my stations as one and split what I have based on the student using it. I now realize how to make some changes and labeling by stickers or number or color coding will be an easy fix and doable this summer!

2.  Storage of my math stations is haphazard!! I have some in a cabinet that I pull out when needed, some on the shelf for access all the time and others in files that again are pulled out when I want to use them. Hopefully in the future my storage will be more organized and accessible for both my students and myself!
3.   Most of my math items are stored in clear plastic tubs or bins. Some are labeled but hopefully by the end of the summer before school starts again in the fall they will ALL be in clear, plastic, visible tubs and bins with labels!

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  1. Thank you for linking in! Have fun labeling your tubs! I love getting organized (although it is not something that comes naturally for me).

    Can wait to read up on your next chapter!!!

    Mrs. Wills Kindergarten